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Depression and Diet are Actually Related

 Did you know that mental illnesses such as depression can be prevented or improved by paying attention to your diet? The gut and brain are closely connected, and when certain bacteria are found in your gut, they can put you at an increased risk of depression.

Did you know that paying attention to your diet can prevent or improve mental illnesses like depression? The gut and brain have a close connection, and specific gut bacteria can increase your risk of depression. For example, one study found that people who eat a diet high in processed foods had an increased risk of depression 5 years later.

There is a connection between the brain and our gut microbiome (the thousands of bacteria in your gut that help with your digestion), and different foods can alter your gut microbiome. Likewise, adding certain bacteria to your gut can change levels of neurotransmitters in your brain and stress hormone levels throughout your body.

Very processed foods—like sodas, fried foods, high-fat dairy products, or sugary sweets—cause the highest risk of mental health issues. Meanwhile, a Mediterranean-type diet—which is rich with whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, fish, and olive oil—has been endorsed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a great way to improve your mood and lower your chances for depression. 

 If you are concerned that you may be suffering from depression, please take our English-language Depression Screening Check. We offer a multitude of English-language Screening Tests that check for symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety, alcohol dependency, and ADHD. If the results of any one of these tests leave you feeling concerned, a good first step towards recovery is booking an appointment with a counselor or psychiatrist at our clinic.

 At Roppongi Clinic, we offer services in English and can provide same-day appointments to those with busy schedules. We’re open on weekends and holidays. To schedule an appointment in English, please email us at or visit our English Booking Website.