Roppongi Clinic 六本木クリニック

Mental Health, Psychiatric Clinic, Psychological Therapy

Mental health is important to us.

At our clinic, we tailor treatment to address your concerns.

Roppongi Clinic is a foreigner-friendly psychiatric and mental health facility located in Roppongi, central Tokyo. Our services are available in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai.
From consultations with English-speaking psychiatrists to prescription and herbal medications, we offer a range of treatment options for managing stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, ADHD/ developmental disorders, PTSD, and more.

If you were prescribed medication in your home country and need a refill, our doctors will do their best to match your prescription to medications available in Japan. We accept payments with cash, credit cards, and most electronic payment methods (PayPay, QuickPay, etc.) We accept Japanese National Health Insurance for consultations.

Psychotherapy and medications both tend to work slowly over time, and results rarely happen in a few days. Sometimes it’s important to be patient and kind to yourself, and to do your best to stick to a treatment plan for the recommended time.
People also respond to treatments differently. Therefore, if one treatment isn’t working for you, we would try a different approach. Research shows that psychotherapy alone can still be helpful for people who do not respond well to medications.

If you have any questions or there’s anything you don’t understand, please speak with your doctor or counselor. They can inform you of the best course of action and make recommendations for you accordingly. It is important that the treatment plan makes sense to you.

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NameRoppongi Clinic(Psychosomatic Medicine・Psychiatry・ Mental Health Clinic)
FocusPsychosomatic Medicine・Mental Health
AddressTokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 5 Chome−1−4
Rokuwa Building, 5F
Phone03-6262-3459 (for English help)
Directions3 min. from Roppongi Station Exit 3
5 min. from Roppongi-itchome Station Exit 1
ParkingUnavailable (we can guide you to nearby parking lots if necessary)
DayClinic Hours
Sunday 11:00〜17:00
*we are open as usual on holidays

Simple online tests available in English:

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Difficulties adapting to changes in one’s environment (Adjustment Disorder)
Anxiety Disorders