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Why is Adult ADHD So Hard to Diagnose?

Until more recently, and for a variety of reasons, females have not been diagnosed with or treated for ADHD as frequently as males.

 While symptoms of ADHD typically begin in childhood, proper diagnosis often eludes many people until adulthood. This often makes ADHD difficult to diagnose; while symptoms of hyperactivity will sometimes decrease in adult patients, struggles with impulsiveness, restlessness and difficulty paying attention may continue. 

 ADHD is even harder to diagnose for adult women. Symptoms of ADHD in women are more likely to show up as inattentiveness, rather than hyperactivity or impulsiveness. Women with ADHD often struggle staying organized or focused at home or work, feel as though they’re always running late, or significantly underestimate the time it takes to complete a task. Women also tend to be better at hiding their symptoms than men, meaning they often go undiagnosed or receive misdiagnoses. 

 If you are concerned that you may be suffering from ADHD, please take the “ADHD Check” on our website, available in English. We offer a multitude of English-language Screening Tests that check for symptoms of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, alcohol dependency, and adjustment disorder. If the results of any one of these tests leave you feeling concerned, a good first step towards treatment is booking an appointment with our clinic’s psychiatrist to discuss your symptoms and possible treatments.  

 At Roppongi Clinic, we offer services in English and can provide same-day appointments to those with busy schedules. We’re open on weekends and holidays. To learn more, please visit our English Homepage.