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What is Adjustment Disorder?

One global study found that adjustment disorders affect an estimated 2% of people around the world.

Adjustment disorder is an illness in which a specific situation or event causes subjective distress, and the “stressor” results in changes in a person’s mood or behavior. This could happen in response to a change in jobs or after moving to a new place (like Tokyo!). Stress is something we all experience at work, but the causes of stress and our ability to adapt to it vary from person to person.

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder significantly interfere with social, occupational or educational functioning. These symptoms may include feeling depressed, crying often, feeling anxious or stressed out, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, feeling irritable, difficulty with daily activities, and withdrawing from family and friends who support you socially. These symptoms start within three months of the stressful event, and can last an especially long time if the stressful event is ongoing (such as being unemployed or disliking your current job).

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from adjustment disorder, please take the “Adjustment Disorder Check” on our website, now available in English. We offer a multitude of English-language Screening Tests that check for symptoms of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, alcohol dependency, and ADHD. If the results of any one of these tests leave you feeling concerned, a good first step towards recovery is booking an appointment with a counselor or psychiatrist at our clinic.

At Roppongi Clinic, we offer services in English and can provide same-day appointments to those with busy schedules. We’re open on weekends and holidays. To learn more, please visit our English HomePage.

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